Project Horizon

In the process of creating something new there’s a tipping point where the abstract starts to become concrete; when the empty trenches the surveyor so carefully marked out months ago become firm foundations, and bricks begin to be laid uniformly on top. The walls and boundaries are starting to form, and you begin to get a true sense of the scale of your new building and the feel of each room.

At the end of last week I was given a run through of what will be the first release from Project Horizon. I was left with a very real sense of the abstract becoming concrete, 12 months since the project first began. This initial release consists primarily of the foundational aspects of the platform on which all services will rely; the underpinnings of what will ultimately be an extensive learning experience and school management solution. But it’s already showing significant promise as the project gains momentum, seemingly at an exponential rate!

Following Tim Dawson’s video announcing the advent of Project Horizon in early March, we ran a virtual event for our existing customers discussing the project in further detail. We are now working in consultation with a small number of key Education Horizons Group schools and industry representatives, from whom we will seek continued feedback for the duration of Project Horizon. This group will be the first to receive access to the initial release from Project Horizon in the coming weeks.

More to follow next week!