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EHG’s suite of fully-integrated, end-to-end software provides clients with the broadest, deepest and most efficient solutions available to the K-12 education sector. Our established companies continue to work hard to maintain outstanding reputations for service and support while creating the best experience for the whole school community – including administration staff, teachers, students, parents and alumni.

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A digital learning platform that allows teachers to develop and deliver engaging, interactive and individualised learning experiences for students. myED enables teachers to track student progress in real time and mark their work efficiently using its automated and intuitive marking and feedback features.


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OMNILINK is a successful property and location data management company which specialises in transforming data into intelligent location information to drive smarter, more informed decisions.

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SchoolPRO delivers quality, flexible and easy-to-use school administration software. Offering features such as enrolment, billing, attendance, pastoral care and parent communication functionality, SchoolPRO makes managing your school a whole lot simpler.

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A holistic, collaborative teaching and learning management system (LMS) that offers a streamlined workflow for educators – the cyclical processes of curriculum planning; teaching; assessment, feedback and reporting; and analysis. Highly intuitive, the multi award-winning SEQTA Suite effortlessly involves parents in the learning ecosystem, enabling them to partner with students and teachers in achieving better outcomes.

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A world-class school management software that offers the flexibility of incorporating a choice of over forty modules that meet the academic, administrative, financial and student management requirements of schools. Key Synergetic products include a web application for academic staff; community portal for parents and students; arrival and departure terminals for students; and a mobile app.

Over 500,000 users across 800 schools are engaged with one of our products.

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