Education Horizons Group (EHG) is an Australian ed-tech holdings company founded in 2016 through a formalised partnership between longstanding education software companies, Synergetic Management Systems and SEQTA Software.

Since then, enterprising ed-tech providers including myEdOnline, SchoolPRO, SPS and OMNILINK have joined the EHG family, bolstering our ability to offer schools customised end-to-end software solutions that truly empower administration staff and teachers to complete their work in the most effective way possible.

Under the EHG arrangement, subsidiaries are supported by the strength of the wider group, enabling each to provide deeper benefits to clients without compromising the high-level customer service standards for which all have become renowned.

Integration partnerships within each product offering provide added value and choice to clients and users. The collaboration across EHG’s diverse yet complementary brands unlocks a wide range of opportunities; from improvements and cross-product integrations to new and innovative developments – all done with our clients in mind.

The synergies between brands are not limited to product and this is evident in the quality of our people. Comprising highly qualified, experienced and long-standing staff, EHG’s capacity to deliver first class customer service is abundant.

All companies share a strong values-based culture, where quality relationships are a key priority and nurtured.

Vision Statement

To pioneer ground-breaking technology solutions, revolutionising and empowering education globally to create better educational outcomes.

Mission Statement

The Group aims to deliver cutting-edge technologies, best-in-class user experience and exceptional services within the broader education community.

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EHG now has presence in several countries across the globe.